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            1. 最新消息


              Conserve Marine Environment through Its Corporate Cafeterias - Panasonic's Challenge to Propagating Sustainable Seafood

              The world's marine resources are in a critical state. Desiring to conserve marine resources for the children of the future and energize the sustainable seafood movement, Panasonic became the first Japanese company to regularly serve sustainable seafood at its cafeterias. With support from food ser...

              Panasonic Commercializes New Conductive-Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors (OS-CON:SVPT Series)

              Panasonic has commercialized the new SVPT series of conductive-polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors, with a long service life achieved by improving sealing performance. The company will start mass-producing the new capacitors in August 2019. Osaka, Japan ...

              Panasonic Announces Assignment of Responsibilities to Executive Officers and Personnel Changes

              Panasonic Corporation today announced the following assignment of responsibilities to executive officers and personnel changes effective August 1, 2019.